Josh Floyd works with organisations to develop improved decision making and action in the present through rigorous exploration of their emerging future contexts. He is Co-Founder and Co-Host at the FutureShift Program, Energy, Systems and Society Fellow at The Rescope Project, a founder of the Centre for Australian Foresight, and a member of the Editorial Board for the journal Futures. His practice is oriented towards the nexus between innovationsustainability, and individual and organisational learning. He brings to this work a strong grounding in strategic foresight, with a particular emphasis on systems thinking and practice. Josh works with organisations from the corporate, government and community sectors, ranging in operational scope from national health services NGOs to FMCG manufacturers.

Josh has developed unique experience through close working relationships with both the Strategic Foresight Program in Swinburne University’s Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and with the National Centre for Sustainability, also at Swinburne University. The learning orientation of his practice is underpinned in particular by his experience as a postgraduate educator. From 2004 to 2009 he taught the units Principles of Sustainability and Energy for the Future in the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability offered by the National Centre for Sustainability, and subsequent to that, in Swinburne University’s Master of Engineering program for several years. He has also taught in the Strategic Foresight Program’s Master of Management (Strategic Foresight).

Josh writes about the systemic relationship between energy use and societal futures at Beyond this Brief Anomaly.

Prior to developing his strategic foresight practice, Josh’s professional background was in mechanical engineering, working for ten years in metallurgical technology development and commercialisation.