Today, the emerging challenges and opportunities with which your organisation is presented arise within contexts that are essentially socio-ecological in character. That is, they involve tightly coupled interdependencies between the human and biospheric realms. This in turn entails high degrees of interconnectivity between your organisation’s capacities for sensing, sense-making, decision-making and action, and the flow-on (immediate, second-order, third-order and beyond…) consequences of these actions. How to improve the likelihood that your actions support the sustained health and wellbeing of your organisation and the human and biospheric domains with which it is coupled?

The services that I offer are aimed at the heart of this question, recognising specifically that creating sustainable organisations first and foremost requires that we sustain and enhance our human capacities to share meaning together, to learn and, above all, to coordinate effective action in the service of mutually preferred futures.

Strategic foresight process design and facilitation

Stakeholder consultation